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Despite being an avid romance reader and writer, I don’t really do Valentine’s Day. Nor does my husband. What else would you expect from a couple who met playing bridge in their early twenties? It doesn’t scream wild romance, though anyone not acquainted would be a little shocked at the intensity of the bridge table : )


But I do love to bake…

Valentine’s Day is a good excuse to go a little crazy with strawberries and cream. And so I did, with these strawberry shortcakes (thanks Nigella!).

I even gave one to Adam.



These days, the focus of Valentine’s Day seems to be on gifts from and dates with your significant other. Nice enough, but…

Imagine how exciting it was in Victorian times, when 14 February was all about the secret Valentine. Waiting in heart-pounding breathless anticipation for the post to arrive, bringing declarations of undying love.

From whom? The one you’ve been dreaming of? Ah, a little mystery. That’s more like it.

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