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I am a sucker for finding images for characters. I admit, it is heaps of fun looking, but it’s not just about procrastination, I swear! Once I have an image in mind, it grounds my characters, perhaps because I am not all that visual myself.

So what do I look for? I am incredibly picky about who is right. The basics are a start – height, body type, eye and hair colour – but it goes beyond that. Most important is that the candidate captures the essence of my character – in that photo, at least.



Miss Lily Aldridge? Meet Miss Lily Schofield.

So what is it about Lily A. that makes her a perfect Lily S.?

It’s not that Lily Aldridge doesn’t seem nice – she does! – but there is also something a little aloof and ethereal about her. She strikes me as boho and unconventional, but also as a lovely, gentle soul. Just like Lily Schofield.



Who’s this handsome chap? Channing Tatum, my Josh Farrell. Why Channing? It’s the solidness. That down-to-earth solidness that for me captures the essence of Josh.

Also it doesn’t hurt that Channing is exceedingly uxorious – a word that you might think means ‘hot’ but actually means ‘wife-loving’ (lucky Jenna!). I only learnt that one recently, but what an awesome word it is!

Okay, for bonus points…


Artist in residence


Everyone’s favourite kindergarten teacher

These two make an appearance in No Place Like You.

Care to hazard a guess as to who they might be?



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